Macrame Wall Hanging

Well, after the bottle macrame, I was inspired to do a wall hanging! Got some tutorials from several YouTube videos, and voila… here is the finished product!

I enjoyed doing macrame and hoping to make some more! It is very time consuming though and calls for a LOT of patience. But when the project gets done, it’s all worth it!

Well, you better try it, too!

Blessings of love and peace!❤️



      1. It’s always on my friend… if you like it. Some bloggers politely declined it. And that’s perfectly acceptable. It’s really up to you. 😊

        Good luck in whatever it is you’re busy of. I am also busy lately (til now). I’m doing a DIY project for my baby. 😊

        God bless you Yen!
        Glad to hear from you again. 😊

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      2. Oh no… so sorry to hear that.☹️ May God heal you of your gout. I’m sure it is painful. Have a good rest and drink plenty of water to somehow wash the uric acids out of your body. Hope this helps.

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