Basic Macrame Knots

I’m going to show you the basic macrame knots I used in the wall hanging I did earlier. You can use these knots to create various macrame designs.

1. Lark’s Head

A. Fold the cord in half.

B. Place the loop made in front of your dowel.

C. Take the loop behind and under the dowel.


2. Square Knots

A. Start with four cords.

B. Bring the right cord over and to the left of the two anchor cords.

C. Place the left cord over the right cord.

D. Bring the left cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the right cord.

E. Pull and you have the first half of the Square Knot.


F. Bring the left cord over and to the right of the two anchor cords and place the right cord over it.

G. Bring the right cord under the anchors and through the loop formed by the left cord.

H. Pull the cords and you have the finished Square Knot.



Picture below is the result when you make a bunch of Square Knots line after line.

3. Double Half-Hitch Knot

1. Take the cord that is furthest to the left, place it diagonally over (from left to right) all other strands.

2. Progressing from left to right, tie a half hitch with cord 2. Pass cord 2 over and then under the holding cord, followed by over itself to form a loop. Pull the knot tightly and push it up to where you want the start to be.

3. Tie another half hitch knot to make it a double half hitch.

4. Continue knotting double half hitches with the remaining working cords, ensuring that your holding cord is always positioned diagonally. Each knot will be slightly lower on the holding cord than the previous one.

5. You will get a row of double half hitches once you have worked your way through all the working cords.

4. Half Knot/Spiral Knot

I have found a good video tutorial on this knot. So I will share it instead of giving written instructions. Go ahead and click on this link.

Below is a picture of how a series of Half Knots or Spiral Knots look like.

5. Flower Knot

The Flower Knot is actually Square Knots but you just have to pull the sides loosely so that they will hang. You will know how to do this when you ACTUALLY start DOING to macrame.

So those are basically the knots I used for this project. It took me 3 days to complete it. It is quite tedious but I actually find it addictive. So beware! Hehehe.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment below.

Happy macrame-ing! 🙂


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