Wow.. I’m so deeply touched and humbled today. I never thought my blog will inspire someone who has not painted with watercolor for ten years, to paint again! For this, I give all the glory to God! And thank you again, Nholie!

Scribbled Insights

Hello Yen,

I just like to thank you for inspiring me to grab my brush again, dip it in watercolor, and gently make a few strokes on a paper. Your post about your first attempt to paint with watercolor inspired the sleeping creativity in me.

Did you know that the last time I painted with watercolor was ten years ago? That’s a very long time. But recently, your snail-looking-seashell 😅 awaken that dormant talent in me. Just kidding! It doesnt look like a snail to me.

So I like to thank you for the inspiration! You see, you do not know who and how you inspire others, but you do. We don’t need to be super famous to inspire; we just need to align ourselves with the talents God has given us, and celeberate it by using it.

This “Thank you!” icon is for you ma’am!

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