My First Attempt at Watercolor Painting

Today I tried my hands on watercolor painting. I have always been fascinated with visual arts, and watercolor paintings just blow me away every time I see one. But, ironically, I haven’t tried it.

I have tried painting years before but I used oil. I liked the fact that oil paint dries slowly than watercolor. This affords the artist to be able to work more on his painting and make changes. I also liked the more vibrant and solid colors that oil paints give compared to watercolor.

I’ve also tried charcoal painting. I like its simplicity. The use of less art supplies, and the emphasis of tonal values it gives.

But today, as I’ve said, I tried watercolor painting.

Since I haven’t painted in such a long time, I figured to browse on YouTube for some tutorial videos, and I found one that teaches on how to paint seashells. And so on I went to pain my very first piece of watercolor painting!

I think I’m loving it!

The fact that watercolor dries fast can be a plus factor. It allowed me to work on my piece a lot faster than I would if I use oil paint. I also like the “Wet on wet” technique wherein you wet the paper first before painting. This causes the color to diffuse so you’ll get a “soft” look.

Okay, so now I’ll show you my finished work.


I know I still have a long way to go but I think for a first try, my work wasn’t too bad. Hehe. I will definitely practice some more, and enjoy my time doing so.

Since I’m a beginner, the materials I used in this project are:

  1. Daler Rowney Watercolor set of 6 – $3.97
  2. Simply Natural Hair Brush Set – $4.47
  3. Canson XL Watercolor Pad – $9.97
  4. 2 bottles to hold water
  5. Plastic lid which I used as palette
  6. Paper towel to wipe excess water or paint from the brush and to blot the paint
  7. Pencil to sketch the subject
  8. Eraser to erase pencil mark
  9. Tape to tape your paper on a board (masking tape is best)
  10. Play Doh to hold my brushes (optional)

I plan to buy a Winsor and Newton watercolor set soon because I have read reviews that it has a very good quality and the colors are brighter. And I might also change brushes (not very soon though) because I found that some of them don’t hold water well and they also shed their hair as I paint.

Thank you for reading my post! If you’re reading this, I suppose you did because you like to paint too (or, you might even be a painter yourself). If you are wanting to watercolor paint but haven’t started to do so yet, I encourage you to go ahead and do it… soon! It is so fun! It’s not only a good way to challenge your mind and artistic skills, but also a very good way to destress yourself!

Blessings of love and peace!



I showed my finished work to my Dad in the Philippines, and he said, “Your painting of a snail looks nice!”


So I told him politely, “Dad, it’s not a snail, it’s a seashell.”

Now I know I indeed need more practice. After all, this is just my first. 😉



  1. Hi Yen, keep up that creative outlet. I have tried painting once too but I cannot find the time to try my hand at it again. That snail looks cute! *oops, seashell 🙂


    1. Haha..🤣 Thank you Kim! I used to paint many, many years before and it is only now that I’ve found time to do it again. So maybe you’ll also be able to find time in the future. Just don’t give up.😉


  2. After I read the part where your dad said, nice snail 🐌, I immediately scrolled back and looked again at the painting. Then I found it. It was the shadow at the right side that probably made him think it’s a snail.

    For me. It’s a nice drawing for a first timer. Keep it up. 👍🏼

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